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Just 13% of the NHS budget goes towards treating mental health, even though it accounts for 23% of the health problems they treat. Until that basic inequality is resolved, people with mental health problems will continue to get a raw deal. Just 1 in 10 people with severe mental illness, for example, are currently getting access to all the treatments recommended for their condition. We would never accept this state of affairs for people with cancer and we should not accept it for people with mental health problems. ENDS For more information, please contact Rachel Hobbs, Media Manager for Rethink Mental Illness on 0207 840 3138 or email Notes to editors Rethink Mental Illness is a charity that believes a better life is possible for millions of people affected by mental illness. For 40 years we have brought people together to support each other. We run services and support groups that change peoples lives and challenge attitudes about mental illness. We directly support almost 60,000 people every year across England to get through crises, to live independently and to realise they are not alone. We give information and advice to 500,000 more and we change policy for millions.
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Mr Pickles had corresponded with Ms Cooper about some of her concerns but she claims she has been trying to speak to him in person for 16 years. Mr Pickles said: It was never my intention to insult Teresa Cooper. I was giving her a frank piece of advice in private. Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of mental health charity Sane, said: Its a very thoughtless phrase which could be very hurtful. It may be exaggerated out of context, but whatever the provocation, its a ghastly phrase which should never be used. The recording is published as the Conservatives begin their party conference under the shadow of the arrest of their vice-chairman Alan Lewis. The 75-year-old was arrested on Friday on suspicion of raping a teenage girl in the 1960s. Senior members of the Conservative party last night accused police of having political motives in the timing of the arrest. A senior member of the parliamentary party said: This appears to be yet another example of political and crass police action which follows a litany of others, including Hillsborough, Jean Charles de Menezes, Plebgate and the G20 incident. Greater Manchester Police said the arrest was proportionate and necessary, but one source familiar with police protocols said: Im very surprised at the decision to arrest, rather than just invite him in. Under Code G of the new guidelines, arrest should be the very last resort …
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Emergency room physicians who often deal with these patients are left with few options when a seriously mentally ill individual shows up at the hospital. Imagine being a parent of a young adult who has schizophrenia and refuses treatment. Your options are to put them out on the street or watch them deteriorate and potentially become violent in your home. Last session, in a bipartisan effort, I, along with Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola, a Democrat, introduced legislation that would have allowed doctors to order treatment for individuals who are gravely disabled and facing the possibility of serious deterioration if they are not treated. The bill was well balanced to protect civil liberties while ensuring that people who needed treatment would get it. This legislation passed the state Senate unanimously, but unfortunately was never given a vote in the House of Delegates. During the House hearing on this bill, parent after parent gave emotional testimony on how their son or daughter refused treatment and had subsequently spiraled out of control and ended up in jail or on the streets. Since the 1960s, our nation has made a radical change in how we treat the mentally ill.
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Mental Health Assessment

If certain issues have been causing problems in your life and you aren’t sure how to make the necessary changes, therapy can help. Dealing with your problems with the help of a professional can get you out of that rut and into a more productive pattern. Almost anyone with a disorder/dysfunction can benefit from seeking professional help from a therapist. The Do I need Therapy Test will help you determine the steps in your path to emotional wellness. Fill out the following questionnaire truthfully, paying special attention to the specified time period to which the questions refer. The results will only be valid if you answer in an honest and complete manner. After finishing the test, you will receive a Full Report with detailed, personalized interpretation of all your test scores, introduction, graphs, list of strengths and weaknesses and some practical advice.
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